Sex As Art: Harnessing Your Creative Power

Sex is fun- that much we know. It feels amazing, and is an incredible tool for deep human connection. But there’s a lot more to it.

Lying in this sensual act, is the potential for unlimited and unparalleled creative power. Tapping into your sexual centers can serve as a source of inspiration, motivation, and incomparable energy.

The Oasis Of Creation

In the map of your inner landscape, your sexual center is the oasis of creation. Yes, sex can make babies, bringing new life into the world, but this potential carries over into other endeavors. The power to reproduce does not just mean making another human, it’s our ability to birth anything into the world.

Whether it be an art project, business endeavor, community, or relationship, our sexual energy gives us the creative power to manifest ideas into reality.

The Force Of Shakti

In Hindu mythology and tradition, Shakti is a deity, or Goddess, who represents the primordial life force energy. Putting aside the mythos, the energy she represents is exactly the kind of sexual creative power we’re talking about.

When people talk about “Shakti energy” it means using the potential of our sexual centers to make magic happen.

The Creative Relay’

Practically speaking, sex is a great chance to unleash your creativity and try new things. Your guard is down, you’re feeling juiced up, and your imagination is running wild. The creative relay with your partner gives you both the capacity to think and dream beyond your average day to day thoughts.

Sex is an act of creation in of itself. It doesn’t matter what the gender dynamics of the relationship are, having sex creates a sort of separate force field built from the intensity and presence required.

Opening your heart and body up to another human takes vulnerability.

This vulnerability allows us to seep into one of the most tender places of our humanity.

The same place that creativity pours through. When our guard is down, we’re not censoring our thoughts. The post-sex giggle-filled banter is pure gold when it comes to creative inspiration.

Chat it up with your lover, talk about your dreams, inspirations, and aspirations. In this state, it’s as if the potential of our ideas expands beyond far beyond what we previously thought to be possible.

Besides vulnerability, sex makes you feel good. Plain and simple. When you feel good, tension releases from the body, you’re more relaxed, and more likely to be experiencing the kind of genius brain blasts that our best ideas come from.

Does this all seem a little too far out there? We’ve got some practical tips as to how to bring your Shakti force out of the bedroom, and into the boardroom- or wherever it takes you.

How To Maximize Your Sexually Creative Force:

  • Make art with your lover: When you’re all juiced up from fresh loving, or the build-up before it, create something with your lover either collaboratively or simultaneously. Maybe you play improv games, write poems for one another, or try your hand at body painting. Creating in partnership gives you both the opportunity to see how this energy can be used to birth ideas into reality.
  • Watch The Energy Spiral: This energy is feminine by nature, no matter who is using it. Because of its feminine nature, it moves in a sort of spiral, versus a straight line. When you’re feeling turned on, or in the heat of things, you can watch and even manipulate this energy to spiral up from your sex organs, through your heart, and into your mind. This conscious distribution of your sexual energy greatly increases your innovation. It can also make your orgasms that much stronger and felt throughout the whole body.
  • Orgasmic Visualization: When you’re nearing your orgasmic peak or climax, strongly visualize and embody anything you’re wishing to manifest. Whether it be a new job, home, partner, or project. Orgasm is one of the peak states we can experience as humans, and it’s energy we can harness for our own benefit- outside of it feeling incredible.
  • Don’t Get Off: When you’re feeling horny, instead of hopping between the sheets, use that fire as a tool to propel you. Tap into your yearning to finally start that project that’s been gestating in your brain. Watch it unfold.

Maybe the sex you’re having is far from inspirational. Or you’re not having it at all.

Have no fear!

First of all, you don’t need a partner to make this kind of magic happen.

Solo sex can be just as potent when it comes to sexual inspiration, especially with these mind-blowing masturbation tips. If you do have a partner and your sex life has been a bit underwhelming, try these Goddess level tips in sensual seduction to get your engines revving.

Sexual energy is universal, and best of all- it’s free for everyone. It comes from an unlimited source, all it requires is your intention and understanding as to how to unleash it. Now get it on, and let it flow!