The complete guide to urethral sounding

Some kinks are naughtier than others. In a world where there are few taboos left, people find sexual pleasure by sounding their urinary canal. Our article aims to demystify this fetish by going through its ins and outs. We’ll talk about how and why people do it as well as about some safety tips.

What is urethral sounding?

If you’re new to the world of obscure fetishes, the first and most logical question to ask is what is sounding. Namely, urethral sounding is a medical procedure done by doctors. They use sounds — thin stainless-steel rods — for insertion. The point is to inspect the urinary canal and remove anything that might be blocking it, but that’s not all.

Medical procedures often become forms of sexual stimulation. Some call it cock stuffing, while others still refer to it as sounding. Either way, kinksters enjoy it for its unique sensations and even pain. Normies mistake sounds for penis plugs, but there are a couple of differences between them. We’ll talk about them in a bit.

Anyway, we’ve said that urethral stimulation can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be. As you practice more and more, the act can become pleasurable. Also, some enjoy widening their urinary canal, whether for aesthetics or piercings. Nevertheless, it’s certainly an obscure fetish worthy of more recognition.

Penis plugs are different from urethral sounds

When it comes to differentiating between the two, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The first and main things that separate them are their shape and length. Urethral sounds are much longer and can reach much deeper than plugs. Their shape is usually standard with not much texture. After all, they’re medical gadgets. You may take a look at various urethral sounds at lovegasm website, and see for yourself.

On the other hand, penis plugs are shorter and have a variety of textures. It all depends on the model, so you can find all sorts of deviations and curves. Still, they won’t go that far into your urinary tract. We’d recommend them over sounds as they’re more beginner-friendly, and you won’t be able to hurt yourself without previous experience. Another thing that separates the two is what you can do with them. Since sounds are longer, they can reach your bladder and stimulate your prostate.

Lube is a must

Similar to other forms of penetration and sex toy insertion, lubrication is key when engaging in urethral play. No matter whether you’re looking to enjoy anal with butt plugs or playing around with a dildo, you’ll need to lube both your hole and the toy. The whole point is to minimize friction during penetration. Lube will help the sound or plug slide in gently.

Although your urethral opening is softer than your anus, it will still hurt. But if you use lubrication, you’ll bring the pain down a little. You won’t feel that much pinching and scrubbing as the whole canal will be smooth. We suggest you use water-based lube because it’s simply the best. Other types of lubricants can smell and taste better, but you could be allergic to them, unlike water-based ones.

How to use urethral sounds

Here’s a five-step guide to safe urethral sounding:

  • Preparation — The first thing you need to do is sterilizing the sound. You can do it in boiling water or by using betadine. Either way, it’s a must before you place the sound into your urethra. Aside from cleaning the toy, you must also wash your hands and the genital area thoroughly. Don’t skip this part.
  • Positioning — We recommend you make yourself comfortable to relax your body before insertion. Next, apply lots of lube on both your penis and toy — water-based preferably. If you’re a woman, spread your vulva to have better access. But if you have a penis, get it partially erect. This way, the opening will be tighter and easier to place a sound inside.
  • Insertion — Hold your genitals with one hand while the other holds the device. It’s important to stay calm and go gently. If the toy stops going in, move your body a bit. Go as far as you’re comfortable with without rushing things.
  • Stimulation — Try moving the toy in various directions gently to see what feels best for you. Nerve endings are everywhere, but some places still feel better. You can also massage your genitals while you’re at it. Just remember to be gentle.
  • Aftermath — Once you’re done, slowly remove the sound. Wash your hands, genitals, and the toy afterward.

When it’s over, urinate

Both urethral plugs and sounds can irritate the inside of your genitals. It’s important to urinate right after. Your pee will ease the discomfort. No matter how careful you are, you can contract a urinary tract infection. Therefore, we again recommend that you keep your hands, genitals, and toys clean at all costs.