Tips and tricks for wearing a Butt plug for long time

Already a lot of time has passed, as people realized: stimulation of the anus region is no less enjoyable than standard sex. However, such stimulation is a painstaking matter, for its implementation it is required to perform certain movements.

In addition, they noticed that pleasant impressions are not only from stimulation, but also from simply staying something in the anus, even without movement. Pleasure here is achieved due to the expansion of the muscles of the anus, because they are one of the most important erogenous zones in the body.

With this in mind, a stopper for the anus is invented long term wear a product that is located without movement in the rectum and stretches its muscles, thus acting on the erogenous zones of a person. Today, from the diversity of such products run the eyes. You can find all types and sizes, choose something special. The key difference between traffic jams is the presence or absence of vibration. We recommend getting a cork with it – the difference in price is not very large, and the effect and pleasure will be much greater.

The butt plug, more widely known to us as a cork, is a special type of adult toy inserted into the anus. From the point of view of design, the product is like a cone with a leg – the cork has a large width at the base, while at the end it is already. The main purpose of this product is to stimulate the nerve endings, which are located deep in the anus.

The use of anal plug

An excellent prelude to the sexual act, through these products, you can give yourself pleasure during masturbation. Thanks to her, representatives of both sexes can enjoy pleasure like a dynamite explosion. In addition, men can use the butt plug for boosting libido.

How to apply anal plug

We must not forget about the main postulate in anal sex – the use of lubricants. Lubricant creates an optimal slip, and this will facilitate the simple insertion of the product into the anus. Choose the position most suitable for you: on all fours; supine with legs apart, with a small pillow for the back; in squatting position. To comply with basic standards of hygiene, you need to constantly put a condom on your plug before putting it into the anus.

In addition, prior to use, you need to be sure that the toy itself is clean. It is necessary to insert a cork slowly, applying a minimum force. If this is not possible from the very first time, it is recommended to relax or perform breathing exercises, try introducing the product again. When the plug is already inserted a few centimeters inside, you need to relax the muscles of the sphincter, so that she slipped out of the anus itself. Repeat this procedure a couple of times, introducing the plug deeper, so that your body gets a little accustomed to the presence of a foreign body.