Top reasons why you will love horse dildos

Often the ladies and girls want to order a vibrator or a dildo but we don’t know what to choose. If they have a clear idea of ​​size and shape, we don’t know if a vibrator or dildo would be better suited to their needs. The vibrator is that intimate stimulation device that works on a battery basis and stimulates the genital area of ​​women without too much effort on their part. The dildo, on the other hand, is that stimulation device that does not work on a battery basis, it perfectly mimics the penis but women have to make an effort to satisfy themselves. What is the difference between a realistic vibrator and a natural dildo?

The main differences between the dildo and the vibrator

The vibrators are those penises in natural size that are equipped with batteries and stimulate the genital area through its movements. There are, on the website various models of thicker, thinner, longer or shorter vibrators, with different vibration stages that can prolong the pleasure during sexual intercourse with the partner or when the partner does not is in the locality.

The dildo, on the other hand, is a device by which ladies can explore their sexuality, it can be used both externally to stimulate the clitoris and internally for penetration. The dildo, like the vibrator, is made of different materials and manages to reach point G. very quickly. Dildos come in different colors, sizes and shapes and are very durable. There are also some dildos with extraordinary designs like horse dildos that you can buy if you go directly to

  • If the decision is a difficult one and the women cannot decide what to choose, they must balance the advantages mentioned above and the disadvantages of such a device. For example, the vibrator can be quite noisy, if used in thin-walled homes, almost all members will notice when someone masturbates. The dildo, on the other hand, requires a lot more ‘work’ from the ladies and gentlemen to reach orgasm. The prices do not differ much but the pleasant sensations are felt during the use of a vibrator.
  • When it comes to the art of self-pleasure and masturbation – and this is an art form, you think – there is really no right way or wrong way to do it.
  • Everyone has their own way of doing the job, but just in case you need a certain direction or are just looking for new ideas, the following tips will definitely come in handy.

There is no right or wrong way to please you. If it feels good, go! Masturbating woman is so much more than getting to orgasm though that’s pretty awesome. It is about exploring your body and satisfying all aspects of your mind, body and soul. Whether you’re a professional or a first-time novice, we have a long list of self-pleasure tips just for you.

The woman’s guide to self-pleasure and masturbation

Although female masturbation and self-pleasure are considered taboo by many people, you do not get the wrong idea. Isn’t that just “easy”? Women do is something most women do. So sit back, relax and get ready to let your fingers walk if that’s your preference with these self-pleasing tips.

Set your mood

What makes you in the mood for love is personal. Do what you need to do to set the stage to enjoy yourself. Take a bath, light some candles, play easy music whatever it takes to make you feel sensual and sexual.

Privacy is the key

Unless you are caught or like while watching someone else which, by the way, can be very fun too, make sure you are completely at peace and will not be disturbed. Nothing kills a good solo love session faster than worrying about being interrupted.


If you go alone, you need to focus and concentrate, especially if culmination is your ultimate goal. Without the help of a partner, it is up to you to be everything you need to meet your needs. Think about sexy thoughts and don’t be afraid to include someone you want to get down and dirty in those thoughts to really get back to you.


  • Double your pleasure by imagining yourself while masturbating.
  • In your mind, you are free to think about anyone and do whatever your little heart desires. If your fantasies take you straight to Dirty Town, go with it whatever happens when you’re in your head.

Explore the whole body

You don’t just have to go straight to kitten feeding. Give yourself time to explore and tease other parts of your body. After all, your pleasure should be a comprehensive experience. Pray your hands over your body to discover all the different areas that you want to be touched.

Start with a massage

Relax your muscles and adjust your sense of body, giving you a massage. Using a light and firm touch, roll on your arms and shoulders. Destroy tight muscles in the throat. Notice how soft the skin is. A massage is a great way to help your body prepare for a wonderful orgasm.

Don’t neglect your breasts

For most women, breasts are a major erogenous area. Don’t let girls disappear when you go solo. Gently squeeze, pull and track the nipples with varying degrees of firmness to keep your engine running and keep it at high speed.

Definitely use lubricant

Using a good lubricant makes the whole experience more sensual and enjoyable. There are many different types of lubricants on the market, so experiment to see which helps you achieve the most powerful orgasms.

If you are too embarrassed to buy lubricants at the store, try to buy it when buying tampons. It makes sense and no one will be wiser.

Get in touch with your clitoris

If you and your clitoris aren’t close yet, make it a priority. Clitoris is the key to Big O for most women. Here are some ways to stimulate this sexual spot to trigger the most amazing sensations.

A. Use your fingers

Frequently and easily rub the clitoris. If the direct contact is too intense, try to move around it, rather than directly on it.

Experience different types of touch and movement to find out what feels best to you.

B. Use a vibrator

Some women like it, some women don’t like it. Stimulating the clitoris with the help of a vibrator can quickly bring you to orgasm if you are pressed for time. If you notice that the vibrations are too overwhelming, try to reverse the speed or use a towel or towel between you and the vibrator to reduce the effect.